For New and Used Heavy Industrial Machines, Equipment & Supplies in Australia

The necessity for amassing machinery and equipment

Australia has been seeing industrial growth over the recent Decades thanks to the advancement of Oz’s technological prowess in many, if not all, of the manufacturing sectors of the continent.

And for heavy equipment, they’ve been seeing a glorious increase also in part due to the country’s vastly expanding economy. Companies, whether manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and producers are experiencing massive surges in their operations.

Thus, the necessity for amassing machinery and equipment, as well as upgrading current ones along with their parts has itself become an undertaking that’s in constant motion.

Whether you belong to this crowd or are starting a small business that will be reliant on such devices, has everything from construction, farming, mining, and metalworking supplies. We’re your one-stop-shop for your business equipment needs. And we mean that quite literally!

About Us saw the problem with how business owners go through so much trouble looking for the various types of machinery from a variety of dealers. Apart from wasting so much of their valuable time, it isn’t cost-effective as well.

Going through this painstaking process of scouting around for authentic machinery and being riddled with confusion and frustration at the differentiation product quality is something we can relate to. With much regret, apparently.

Then that was the moment we realised what we could do, and can do. Let buyers have an easier time searching for equipment, machinery, vehicles, and more in the same place. Not only that but we also wanted to address the issue of quality itself, plus fluctuating prices.

We’re partnered directly with manufacturers who give us their rates as is, allowing us to have more control over our prices. And this goes for our entire product collection across the board.

The Mission

Quality And Cost-Efficiency

Before anything else, a feature that greatly affects the manner in which equipment, machines, and vehicles function is quality. This is especially true in industrial work. You simply cannot sacrifice this for wanting a product that’s close to half its price but won’t last as long as it should. Or will require repeated repairs until it finally breaks down.

We’ve been there. Our heavy-duty machines are manufactured and assembled with heavy-duty, quality materials from trusted manufacturers here in Australia. With top-of-the-line equipment, you can be sure they’ll be operational and in good condition even after being in use for a long period of time.

What’s more, we value integrity in our transactions with you, our customers. You’ll find that our prices are very competitive. We’ll be able to get you the best deals for your purchases, hands down. No frills. Just quality and value worth more than what you’ll pay for.


We have specialists at hand, experts in their respective fields in the knowledge of machine workings. Should you have little information about the equipment that will suit your business activities best, we’ve got you covered.

They can give you professional advice about what will work within your budget, and other tips regarding how you can better machine work through best practices. In this regard, we’re more than a place for purchasing equipment. You can count on us helping you move your business upward and forward through expert instruction and recommendations.

Customer Satisfaction

We at pride ourselves for having customers that have been with us since day one because they’ve experienced truly Customer Service and Satisfaction through our company.

Our Products And Services


Farming is a core industry in the country that needs as much support as it can get, being a provider for every Australian household. From small family farms to larger commercial crop cultivation, you can take your pick among the following:


Dangerous if not practised with reinforced safety guidelines and faulty machines, mining is another sector that we can aid you in. Our pieces of equipment have been tested safe and will be tested first before we transfer ownership to you for your safeguarding.


Precision and strength are characteristic of metalworking tools. Though skill still is a requirement for this profession, a lot rests on machinery. Because of this, our metalworking supplies are checked to the detail to ensure their capacity for work as well as your protection as you utilise them.

Trucks & Trailers

A business that transports goods from one location to the next will have to rely on trucks and trailers that can withstand long travelling on long distances and are able to carry heavy payloads. That’s why our trucks and trailers are a fan-favourite.