Manual fertiliser spreading can be and is very tedious work. The task presents itself as quite simple. It isn’t a complicated farming procedure. However, the labour behind being able to complete it in a shorter amount of time and with the least amount of effort can be undertaken with the right equipment. 

Farming spreaders are the key to doing so. In order for crops to be cultivated at their full potential, and protect soil from unnecessary damage, through the pairing of safe fertilisers and fertiliser spreaders, farmers can support their growth and reap dramatic results. 

Spreading fertiliser on farmland is very different from any other type of horticulture because accuracy is required. When there’s a failure in said accuracy, some areas of the land might receive more mineral fertiliser than the rest. This imbalance will cause yields, half of which might be unprofitable, or more. 

Thus, our farming spreaders will aid you in avoiding such a risk, especially when farming in itself is already quite a challenging task because of uncontrollable factors like the weather and climate change. For factors that you can take hold of like these spreaders, you’ll be aided in ways more beneficial than others. 

Why Choose Case Equipment Sales Spreaders

Tractor Power

You can take your pick among a number of tractors depending on their power. The larger your farmland, the higher the power recommended. This also ties in with tractor volume. More power for the wider spreading of fertiliser is equivalent to tractor volume that’s for large-scale tasks. 

That said, even our more compact versions still have a competitive level of horsepower, you’ll be surprised at how they’ll be perfect for smaller plots of land as well.

Adjustable Blades 

A lot of the spreaders you’ll come across in our spreader assortment have distributor blades you can adjust. This opens the equipment up for versatility in the manner in which it spreads fertiliser, along with the range it can cope with.