Heavier loads for transport means the need for vehicles that can carry them seamlessly, and on long distances at that. Prime mover trucks are towing engines that harness greater power compared to regular vehicles and trucks. 

A growing business like yours should be paired with prime mover trucks to let goods and material transportation not stand in the way of business operations and transactions between you and your partnering companies. 

It’s the next step, a next level for enterprises that are becoming more commercialised, and are, as a result, beginning to have a larger and wider scope in terms of production, manufacturing, and distribution. Small vehicles may no longer suffice in these vastly developing circumstances. 

Why Choose Case Equipment Sales Prime Mover Trucks 

Light, Medium, And Heavy Duty Trucks 

We have what you need according to prime mover truck size, plus carrying and hauling capacity. Prime movers are, regardless of their overall make, the best option for towing tailored load. And yes, even our light-duty trucks are high-powered, they aren’t your ordinary leisure vehicles indeed. 

Traction And Control 

One issue that large commercial vehicles face is that their weight makes their traction and control during acceleration, deceleration, or braking a challenge. The weight of said vehicles are responsible for this driving issue. 

But not with Case Equipment Sales prime mover trucks. We’ve gone through and have tested a variety of prime movers and have selected those that offer driving safety particularly in grip optimisation and wheel rotation control. In this sense, cruising on different terrain, whether rough or smooth, flat or inclined, won’t pose a threat to driving comfort, nor to the driver himself or herself. 

Improved Pressure Boosters 

Newer prime mover truck models have pressure boosters that assist in lessening the vehicle’s fuel consumption without necessarily decreasing engine power.