Fabricators and metalworkers rely on plasma cutters for its wide range of applications such as in cutting, repairing, restoring, and scraping work. It’s more conventional than many seem to think, which is what makes this machine that much more esteemed. 

It has no alternatives. Not in the way that it’s distinct in utilizing a plasma torch via an electric arc that it shoots out through its allocated opening. This gas, frequently with its base in Argon blended with other gases, can be used for cutting quality and high-speed for a less labour-intensive undertaking. 

Large industrial manufacturers as well as small businesses can harness the energy capacity of this superheated gas so that cutting speed surpasses that of ordinary cutting machines and other similar equipment. 

Why Choose Case Equipment Sales Plasma Cutters 

Slicing Versatility 

Plasma cutters have a versatile application in that it can be dependent on for both thick and thin substances. You won’t have to alternate between machines that have that particular measurement designation. Simply stick to a plasma cutter and you’ll be able to shift in between materials of varied measurements with convenience. 

Let’s not forget slicing precision here. It isn’t only that you can input measurements, but that the gas itself that the plasma cutter harnesses well-defined slicing. 


Case Equipment Sales plasma cutters are fully-automated, which means that they can continue with work as a stand-alone. Every once in a while, supervision can be done as a counterbalance just to oversee the work itself being done. But as long as the instructions are punched in, it will execute them to completion. 


There are unique cutters that have two functions— plasma cutting and welding. Granted that their price will be higher than that of any of the two by themselves, the long-term cost will save you a lot in terms of machine expenditure and maintenance.