As the depth of the excavation increases, the higher the likelihood that natural barriers will be faced. Large rocks that are either too deep to lift or are too large to steer around have to be eliminated by means of jaw crushers. 

Jaw crushers are compression machines that consist of two main “jaws”, one that’s steady and immovable, and the other, moveable. This moveable jaw is what mainly crushes materials into rubble (this will depend on the size of the jaw crusher equipment itself). Once said material has been fundamentally reduced in size, it’s automatically transferred to the “discharge opening.” 

The granularity of a crusher can be changed according to the kind of crushing equipment employed. Similarly, there are machines that work best with certain materials such as river and sandstone, quartz, granite, iron, gold, and copper ores, etc. 

Why Choose Case Equipment Sales Jaw Crushers 

Crushing Force 

The crushing force of a jaw crusher is ultimately what determines the strength of the machine. Case Equipment Sales has crushers that are recommended for certain materials, along with ones that are of a hybrid make which can be used for varied substances.

The higher the crushing force, the more efficient it will let mining operations run. In parallel to this, we have options that supply adjustment ranges for a better adaptation to the material/s on-site.

Even Material Discharging 

Depending on their specifications, our jaw crushers render even material discharging, which means that the machine won’t have to double its effort in grinding and pulverization. 

Maintenance And Parts-Upgrading 

It’s inevitable to come across the upgrading of parts because of the heavy work these jaw crushers will be subjected to. However, this shouldn’t pose any challenges because our jaw crushers’ components can be maintained without a hitch. On the same note, parts replacement can be done swiftly.