On the subject of caring for grazing livestock, hay balers are the most efficient tool in preparing fodder for them to feed on. Feeding livestock like cattle, sheep, horses, and the like will be effective when they’re given the food that will benefit them the most. 

Preparing hay isn’t an easy chore. That’s why balers are expedient in being utilised for collecting, compressing, cutting, and transporting them from what once were fresh stalks and seed heads that are dried and condensed together, without letting their nutrients break down in the process. 

Hay can give grazing animals the nutrients they need while satiating their appetite for long periods of time. This roughage is almost indispensable in growing livestock as they can supplement for deity needs without having to rely too much on other food sources. 

Why Choose Case Equipment Sales Hay Balers 

Efficient Transport

Farmers that need to transport hay across acres of land tend to have difficulty in doing so with balers that only have one function— bale hay. However, we have other hay balers that also act as transport vehicles. A two-in-one combo, if you will. 

In this manner, you’ll have an efficient transport system in place without having to spend on a separate vehicle. 


Baling hay equates to being able to stockpile livestock’ food sources and have them last for long periods without worrying about spoilage. That’s one less thing to worry about in raising farm animals. 

Not only are our balers cost-effective, but baling itself is a technique in spending less on fodder while storing them in large amounts at the same time. 

Shortened Harvesting 

Balers also shorten the time spent in harvesting the bay itself. The machine will do the work for you. From raking to collecting, compressing and, for other machine brands, knotting, hay will be ready to go that effortlessly.