Passageways, more specifically, roads to and from mining sites are channels that either boost or slow down mining productivity. Roads that link mining sites to drop off zones, equipment exchanges… the transportation system itself has to be continually made accessible for enhanced productivity.

Henceforth, roads are regularly cleared and flattened for vehicles to pass through without a glitch. Every minute is critical in mining proceedings. And the transportation of materials is to be safeguarded to avoid mishaps along the way. 

Motor or road graders are pieces of equipment with long-blade attachments that smoothen and flatten a surface. It’s the perfect tool for clearing out roads and other paths that may either be a hindrance to or cause the slowing down of material, equipment, and ore transport. 

They’re the most efficient tool in roadworks as well as in mining tasks. The construction of haul roads can have quite the price tag but their maintenance is just as important as their 

Why Choose Case Equipment Sales Graders

Reduces Transport Delays

Road deformity is often a cause of delays in transportation, and in effect, mining operations as a whole. What’s ironic is that all it takes is for one of the transport roads to be faulty and this will immediately halt operations until repairs are made. 

But this can be prevented with the utilisation of Case Equipment Sales graders. Once road surfaces are smoothed-out and cleared (and are regularly maintained in this manner), the fewer transportation delays you’ll experience. 

Increases Safety For Hauling Drivers And Operators

In relation to this, graded roads let drivers and transport operators have a safer journey in the process. Fewer road obstructions not only allows for driving ease and speed but safeguarding for the vehicle itself and the ones behind the wheel. Furthermore, vehicle maintenance will be less as well.