One of the basic yet most reliable machines in construction— the excavator. These huge and monstrous vehicles are responsible for tasks that require heavy equipment and much more than a few sets of hands. Oh, so much more. 

Excavators typically include components such as the undercarriage, the house, bucket, etc. These work together to allow the excavator to create gaping holes and trenches, and burrow through foundations at a speed a number of times higher than mere manpower will ever be able to provide. 

Digging, material-lifting, demolitions, and dredging are only a few items among the list of what excavators can do. And with a variety of brands and builds, you’ll find even more specific industrial undertakings each one can accomplish. 

Why Choose Case Equipment Sales Excavators 

Accuracy And Precision 

Our excavators can be set so that it operates exactly where you need it to. We have both high and long reach excavators that you can maneuver in the direction and manner of application required for any type of work of high capacitance. 

Exact control over the mechanisms of our excavators will be convenient. They immediately respond to commands through their controls, which leads to precision in movement, as well as overall safety. 


If fuel-efficiency is a factor you’re worried about, you can set your eyes on excavators that don’t have exhaust gas retention mechanisms built-in. The exclusion of said mechanism will allow the machine to work with at least 20% less fuel than other standard excavators. 

Versatile Use 

Excavators limited to a specific industry. They’re not even limited to a specific function. Whether your business belongs to the farming, metalworking, and mining industries, as well as in construction, you’ll be able to utilise excavators to their maximum. On the same note, you can take your pick among a selection of excavator sizes from mini, compact, standard, and to large, to suit your business operations requirements.