Did you know that besides lifting and transporting objects from point A to point B, construction cranes have a distinct characteristic in that they extend a mast at a time on their own? Talk about additional operational-friendliness for this amazing machine. 

Objects that are too heavy to lift even with an increase in manpower will have to resort to hoisting via construction cranes. And this is intensified even more when Point A and Point B aren’t only far apart in distance but in height. 

On these grounds, cranes are the go-to for freight carrying and unloading, material transport, and equipment assembly. It’s able to do so because the crane base is where its entire weight is supported. It’s due to these specs that it doesn’t overturn no matter the weight of the object it’s lifting. 

Why Choose Case Equipment Sales Cranes 

Terrain Diversity 

We at Case Equipment Sales have a myriad of construction crane types to choose from, and each type is tailored to work at its peak efficiency on certain terrain. 

Crawlers can traverse over subdued ground and remain stable. Rough terrain cranes are excellent on, as their name suggests, rough terrain. The same is true with all-terrain cranes. And then you have the floaters, which are relied upon for loading and unloading on and off of ships. 

High Level Of Strength 

This is an understatement but that’s exactly what our cranes are known for. Depending on the brand you’ll set your sights on, hydraulic power will play a crucial role in the equipment’s handling of heavy materials. 

Easy Set-Up 

Another characteristic of cranes is that they don’t require any complicated set up. Time is of the essence in construction work especially because projects tend to have very tight deadlines. But you won’t have to worry about this regarding cranes as they’re straightforward pieces of equipment.