Construction requirements that heavily rely on concrete and concrete transportation are also that reliant on concrete trucks. These gargantuan machines are the saviours that can replace arduous manual labour. 

Though hand-mixing concrete is still practiced for modest construction initiatives, the commercial scene is seeing a greater number of concrete trucks because of their ability to transport said concrete without complications. Moreover, many have extra elements so that concrete mixing is achieved in the same vehicle. 

Large-capacity is the name of the game for huge industries and expanding businesses that are looking to be contenders in this competitive and saturated sector. Hence, upgrading to our concrete trucks is the next step towards productivity-aligned solutions. 

Why Choose Case Equipment Sales Concrete Trucks 

Lesser Labour Costs 

With the use of Case Equipment Sales concrete trucks, you can minimise labour costs by the mile. This will become more evident as you calculate your business expenditures as a whole, and in the long run. 

Surveys that have been conducted reveal that the employment of these vehicles may have you reach labour savings of up to at least 50% percent, depending on the number of concrete trucks you’ll use in place of manual operations. 

Effective Back-Filling 

Back-filling can be managed with efficiency through our trucks’ back-filling mechanism that’s safe and straightforward in usage. Water wastage and congestion will be significantly decreased. Now that’s another benefit for efficiency as a whole. 

The linings of our concrete trucks’ pumps are more adaptable to concrete mixes compared to other models. Re-handling will be lessened through the fact that the concrete can be directly and immediately poured. 

In other words, unnecessary delays, interruptions, and mechanism-lagging in concrete preparation, mixing, and pouring will be far and few between with Case Equipment concrete trucks. You’ll definitely get higher workloads realised day in and day out.