The mining production fleet today is reliant on heavy machinery, especially because the industry is constantly seeking after productivity. Its returns are what let the mining cycle speed by, after all. So, the movement of precious minerals from end to end has to be an almost continual and consistent process. 

Bulldozers are basically heavy and very large tractors that are for excavating, digging, and levelling dirt and debris, amongst several functions, especially in mining. This powerful and formidable equipment has a broad plate installed on at the front portion and has hydraulic arms or stems attached to it on either end. 

They quadruple the level of productivity than manual undertakings. The decades and centuries have proven that bulldozers are a staple in the mining industry, without which, hauling, loading, dumping, crushing, and clearing would be near impossible. At least, not in a short span of time. 

Why Choose Case Equipment Sales Bulldozers

Easy To Maneuver

A characteristic that separates mediocre bulldozers from those of quality engineering and assembly. We have a multifarious assemblage of bulldozer brands and types that are made for terrains of every kind. 

Hard and rocky surfaces, fields and plains, soft soil, tight spaces, and more. Once you decide on which kind of equipment is fitting for the terrain they’ll be driven on, it’ll be easier for you to match those requirements with the specifications of each bulldozer.


Though bulldozers are generally heavy and heavy-duty, Case Equipment Sales have choices that can be operated so that they move relatively faster compared to other makes. Their track chains can handle rough landscapes without causing too much tractor vibrations and friction to the chains themselves. 

Value And Versatility 

It isn’t merely that bulldozers themselves offer a stretch of mining exercises but that they work extremely well with other mining machines as well. Production levels will rise dramatically when employed with backhoes,  hydraulic and electric rope shovels, etc.