Transportation can never be underestimated, not with regards to farming. No matter the size of your farmland, owning a dependable farming vehicle is what will let operations run more smoothly, and with more time to spare. 

Tractors have their place in the farming vehicle category. You can go back to our page on why they’re a favourite go-to of our customers. Despite that, there’s also a distinct role that ATVs render in lessening the load of farming work. 

Apart from transporting supplies and crop harvests, it’s also a great device for raking, harrowing, ploughing, mowing, and a whole list full of jobs on the field. When it was once seen as a luxury tool in farming, ATVs have transformed into farming equipment that’s the farmer’s trusty sidekick work productivity. 

Addedly, ATVs are considered among the safest vehicles for farming chores. This is because their engineered mechanism is plain and undemanding. Start them up and hear their engine roar to life. Hit the brakes when needed. It’s really that simple. And as for changing parts, this, too, is ingeniously hassle-free. 

Why Choose Case Equipment Sales ATVs

Size And Versatility 

This is a strength of the ATV. It’s compact. Where larger vehicles have difficulty driving around, through, and over, and ATV can, without trouble. It’s literally a mini-vehicle that has the capacity to wheel over flat to rugged terrain, and tight to wide passages. 

Transportation Expedience 

Though smaller than most farming transportation vehicles, that has nothing to do with its carrying and towing capacity. ATVs are well above capable of hauling just as much as weight as their regularly-sized competitors are. 


We’ve spoken about this briefly but there’s simply no skimming over this feature. Barring the farming tasks that you already are aware an ATV can carry out, there are other horticulture uses it can supply. An added bonus if you’re also growing your business in this sector.