5 Metalworking Machine Every Workshop Needs

In metalworking, a machine is only as good as the metal wielder behind it. Having said that, your skills as a metalworker can be supported and demonstrated even more with the right type of metalworking machine. Or in this case, 5 metalworking machines your workshop shouldn’t do without. 

5 Metalworking Machines Your Workshop Should Have 

1. Metal Nibbler 

It doesn’t exactly sound as ferocious as other metalworking machines’ names. Nonetheless, a “nibbler” is as formidable as the rest of the 5 tools on this list. Though it’s considered among the most “common” metalworking tools out there, it’s highly effective in cutting and splicing through sheet metal. 

What metalworkers adore about this gadget is that it’s handheld, perfect for small to medium-sized projects that require the close attention of the metalsmith. Personalised and customised items are such products whose outcomes will be that much more detailed with a nibbler. 

2. Bandsaw

A bandsaw is the safer alternative to handheld saws. The beauty about this tool is that it’s not limited to horizontal and vertical lines but is convenient for cutting curves as well. In fact, irregular shapes can be achieved through the use of a bandsaw. 

Furthermore, bandsaws reduce material wastage because of its narrow blading. You’ll have more control over the metal and more control over cutting it in a precise manner. Straight lines lika pro? A bandsaw will achieve that for you, no sweat. 

3. Grinding Machine 

We’ve mentioned the “details” a few paragraphs before. Still, we’ve added another tool that’s known for its ability to assist metalsmiths in conjuring detailed structures and designs on metals, and other types of materials. 

A grinding machine is a power tool that has an abrasive wheel which is responsible for shaping and smoothing-out metal. Whether for sharpening, refining surfaces, or creating angles, it’s a piece of equipment you’ll want ready to go in your tool shed. 

4. Portable Welding Machine 

There are dozens of types of welding machines and we won’t be going through each one of them here. However, we are going to focus on the portable kind. Being the detail-oriented metalworker that you can, welding shouldn’t be that much of a hassle. And it won’t be, as long as what you have is a portable one. 

It will allow you to easily maneuver it in any direction for a more convenient metal-binding effort. Plus, it will enable you to really concentrate on your work instead of being weighed down by heavier welding machines. 

5. Planer Machine 

Finally, we’re at our number five— the planer machine. It’s been proven to be a device that will save you on time because it’s easy to use, and will definitely get work complete in a jiffy. For an excellent surface finish, you’re looking at the machine to beat. Even better, it has a high accuracy level which will aid in creating quality results. 

It’s also a machine that can quickly thin out thicker materials without damaging said materials themselves.

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